One of the coolest things about THE BOOK OF KING OG are the chapter titles that stick with the text even after translation.

Chapter 1. King Og Let's His Hatred of Nimrod be Known.
Chapter 2. The Hundred Thousand Giant War Part 1.
Chapter 3. The Hundred thousand Giant War Part 2.
Chapter 4. The Losses to Water.
Chapter 5. The Resettling and End of Nimrod.
Chapter 6. Prophecy of Bashan's Rule
Chapter 7. The Final Words of King Og.

I have only read (as you probably have) Chapters 1 and 7.

I did however spend a lot of time discussing with Father Martin the ins and outs the the Hundred Thousand Giant War. I can safely say that I comprehend those 2 chapters (I also found it interesting that they were split).

I am forced to wonder if there is any numerical significance to the 7 chapters?

I know that the Rephaim were into all sorts of darkness, and perhaps the chapter number is part of it all? (Side note: Nimrod killed a child, but wasn't Baal worship all about child sacrifice?)
(sider note: Was not the worship of Baal also about sexual ritual? In fact, I have always thought that the Celtic Frost classic PROCREATION OF THE WICKED was a sort of Baal "worship team" throwback. In fact, if you are going to listen to this song for inspiration, I would suggest the SEPULTURA VERSION for additional teeth.

In truth, the level of absolute blasphemy in the 2 chapters that I have read so far (1 and 7) has stunned me. These are ancient swears against ancient dieties. The anger and the faith in the words of Og were unexpected to me. Og straight up called Yahweh an "insect-sized god" more than one.

The chapters seem to show that the proper worship of Baal consumed the Rephaim, specifically Og the King. It was the biggest part of their existence. It seems to me that they had been driven into a more intense practice of worship by the "Unspoken Mistake." The pleading for a solution to the unspoken mistake is telling. I am not sure what it tells, but it is desperate.

Well, I don't want to say anything else. I do know that Father Martin is now aware that I published Chapter 2. I can only guess that he will say something about it on his website in the next several days.