I swear I am in the weirdest space. I have created this #Gonteekwa world and populated it with a lot of my memories. This one is really coming from the heart in a lot of ways.

Furthermore, my latest epiphany is that I am going hard at this as I analyze my own spiritual upheaval that has been steady heaving since the 90s.

In writing this I get to go through the memory crates. As a missionary, I got to see a lot of behind the scenes stuff. There is a freedom in such circles, because to step out of such a circle and write something like THE GONTEEKWA is to open yourself up to damnation.

"Who woulda thought that black guy with the weird shaved head and the earrings could actually write? And he is telling it as it is! He is actually making fun of people raising their hands, praising the Lord in church. Who woulda thought? Racist Christian me, that's who." 

 If you were on my fated missions trip to Grenada back in 1987, then you know. You know I'm swan-diving into something you would never dare to look at, let alone, dive into.

With this beast being the center of my meditation, I have a nightmare track continually building in the back of my brain. I constantly dispatch of humans like rag dolls in the back on my mind. Thinking of new ways to maim and hurt. But it has to sound just right. Then I have to wrap my words around the sequence and see if I can recreate the mayhem that I have frozen in my mind. In other words, I have a lot of dark things on my mind, and I am meditating on them.

But not to worry! I am an upbeat guy! I just happen to be writing a horror novel and this is where I find my head: in darkness.

Its like, I am processing the death of my Christian faith, and I am celebrating this death by crafting the story that would have royally messed with me at the peak of my Christian days. I can't help myself.

I'm in the weirdest space.

2016 is the year of the #Gonteekwa.



Seriously, I have moved full-time into writing this novel.

Its all of my spare time. 2016 is the year of the Gonteekwa.

That being said, I am not really doing observations or photo uploads at this time. I might backload some before these past 2 posts though. Go to my regular Twitter account (see sidebar) for my regular media-drenched fizzed-out thoughts.

I am being very raw about this and putting the ideas directly at http://gonteekwa.com/ and shaping them realtime. You will see right now that Chapter 2 is disjointed and has a lot of notes for it to absorb. I am doing this for 2 reasons.
#1. Inspiration
#2. Practicality.

I am inspired when it is up online and I have to deal with it. I really don't think that anyone is looking over my shoulder, but if they are, they will be entertained.

It is practical because I have all of these notes on memo pads both electronic and tactile ALL OVER MY LIFE in regards to the Gonteekwa. I feel doing it all online, realtime at the website itself is the best place to keep it all.

Another aspect of realtime notekeeping will be the Gonteekwa Twitter account:


to see the story itself, take its ominous shape, go to


If you have questions or suggestions, there are ways for you to find and contact me.




I am working on a book for 2016.

I wrote a book approximately 15 years ago and I hope it never sees the light of day.

In fact, those publishers that stole my stamps and never sent me a rejection note were doing me a grande favor.

This is how its gonna be this time:

I am going to write a hard, prologue to my book online. No ebook to download. Just a website. It'll be the resume.

Prologue to what book? It is the werewolf story that I was born to write. I was born under the shadow of the Gonteekwa. My father's pseudonym was BIFF DEMMON. He bopped around writing fanzines and the like before settling on news journalism.Check his credential

The shadow though. I said I was born under the shadow of the Gonteekwa. I have mentioned it before in this blog, and I will do it again: My father roomed with Larry Ivie for a spell in New York in the early 60s. They went their separate ways, but Larry ultimately wrote the WEREWOLF story that Frazetta illustrated in CREEPY Magazine #1. Larry Ivie gave my old man props. In WEREWOLF, Biff Demmon the great white hunter, gets taken by that which he can't understand (The Gonteekwa). I will re-mention the Frank Frazetta art, because it is a major aspect of it all.

I grew up in a Christian household with some serious horror DNA.

Understand my life: My father turned away from his pop culture writings. He became a family man and barrel-rolled out of the path of many people who are now pop culture giants (Philip K. Dick for one). My father turned away and became a born-again Christian, and a respectable journalist. Calvin Demmon kept that stance until the end of his life.

Part of Dad's stance coerced me to go to a missionary school in Texas back in 1987. I stayed there for 3 years. While I was there, I committed my life to Christ and went abroad, teaching the gospel to anyone who would listen. I went on a tour to Grenada in 1987. I met a man in the hills who said he knew of a man who could change from a man into an animal and back into a man again. He scared the hell out of me. He really scared the hell out of me! In fact, his manner and clothing were so odd, that I have really simplified him in the re-telling of the story. I never saw the werewolf, but I was ready to believe.

I gave the Christian system as much as I could. I read the Bible and I read the Greek and Hebrew. I taught Sunday school. I led a few different youth groups and I served it up in soup kitchens. I prayed and fasted like a motherfucker. In the end, my faith collapsed.

The Gonteekwa novel that I am writing touches down hard on Christianity and its failures. I no longer call myself a Christian, but it was a helluva 30 year run. What do I do with all of this compounded scripture in my head? All of this theology that I meditated upon? All of these stories of mis-applied faith and Christians behaving like racist pagans? All of this intel?

I'll tell you what I'm doing. I 'm writing a werewolf story that will hopefully cause you to question whatever spiritual stance you think you have. If you have none, then it will serve as the best werewolf story you will ever read. Well, that's the plan at least. But look, I am done with silver bullets and full-moons. Let's go with full-on lycanthropic demon possession instead. Wayyyyy more interesting than Larry Talbot and the gypsy camp.

I can say this, because as far as I can tell, the werewolf genre is balls. It needs a steel-toed boot to the head. I'm bringing that boot. I have the story, and I have the website.

You can follow the construction of the Great American Horror novel at www.gonteekwa.com

You can also follow the spoiler-laden Gonteekwa #Twitter account. Its your insight into my writing process.https://twitter.com/gonteekwa


PS. My daughter (a high school student) drew the art at the top of this post. She re-imagined the horrible stories I tell her when I pick her up from school and she pushed the art through an anime lens. I am very happy with it.

What in tarnation

Are you babbling on about?


Putting those dirty looks in focus

I could tell Portland was bad the last time I was up there. I walked my dog up a street and saw a blatantly racist bumper sticker while simultaneously getting mad-dogged by some old white guy who wasn't capable of backing his look up with his fists.
This article at the bottom confirms it. This ignorant spirit lives on.

I pulled the church pic out of the article, because GODDAMN, I have an unrelated story for you.

One Sunday in the late-80s, I royally screwed up and set foot in the white METHODIST church in some godforsaken sumphole town in Texas. It was the most uncomfortable I have ever been in a so-called house of god.

Those church patrons burned their eyes into me. I was resilient. I thought we were all the body of christ. I thought that christianity was something that was greater than race. I thought that christianity was a loving thing that accepted all men. I mean, I had been reading my bible.


Christianity in the United States is perverse. The below picture demonstrates what I am talking about.

The article below that demonstrates the historic issues in Portland.

jesus christ


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