Timeline of Ironic Memes


Check out our comprehensive timeline identifying key moments in the history of ironic memes on the internet.

Filthy Frank in “Hitler’s Evil Son”


In Filthy Frank’s latest short film, Pink Guy must travel back in time to stop the diabolical offspring of Adolf Hitler.

The Online History of Canada


Reviewing the North American nation and it’s contributions to meme culture.

Fantano Reviews “Cash Me Ousside”


It’s Fantano vs. one of January’s biggest memes.

Drunk Guy Tells Cheeky Moon to Go Home


That awkward moment when you’ve stayed up all night and you’re not sure if you should go home or tell the moon to call it a night before the sunrise.

Hydraulic Press vs. Frozen Lake Ice Cube


Who will win?

#RollSafe Gets Shrekt


ProZD, the Internet’s Voice Actor


SungWon Cho, aka ProZD, has made dozens of viral videos about games and anime, as well as some of the most famous dubs and covers on YouTube.

Salt Bae Season’s Leo DiCaprio’s Steak


Twitter Mocks Fake “Bowling Green Massacre”


After Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway cited a fictional terror attack during a televised interview yesterday evening, Twitter had a field day mocking her non-existent “massacre.”

How To Hack Overwatch


YouTuber and l33t hax0r Kilian Experience shows how to hack Overwatch using the hero character Sombra to cheat the system and get anything you want.

“Cash Me Ousside” Mandela Effect


Are you among those who swear they saw the “Cash Me Ousside” episode of Doctor Phil years ago?

Bobby Shmurda x Zoobooks


You can’t mashup Bobby Shmurda and the Zoobooks commercial, can you?

Happy Twintail Day!


This annual Japanese holiday celebrates the famous twintail hairstyle, which became iconic in otaku culture for being prominently featured in manga, anime and video game titles over the last 20 years.

Bowser Struggles With Parental Controls


Curious Bowser Jr. takes a deep dive into the weird part of YouTube after finding a workaround to bypass the parental control on Nintendo’s 7th-gen home console Switch.

Reddit Shuts Down /r/AltRight


After Reddit removed the controversial /r/AltRight and /r/AlternativeRight subreddits this week, many speculated that the decision was made due to a doxing campaign targeted at the man who punched Richard Spencer.

Team Rocket Defeats Ash for the First Time Ever


In the most recently aired episode of Pokemon Sun and Moon: The Series, the anime series’ OG evil trio has finally beaten Ash Ketchum after nearly 20 years of failed attempts.

Jar Jar Binks On Drudge Report?


A photoshop of the reviled Star Wars character from 2008 showed up on the conservative blog’s home page today.

Chicken Plays “America the Beautiful”


Jokgu the Buff Brahma Bantam chicken performs an impressive rendition of the American patriotic song “America the Beautiful” by pecking keyds on a keyboard.

Beyoncé is Having Twins


Beyoncé gave the world a brief respite from politics when she announced she was having twins via an Instagram post.

Teacher Has Handshakes for All Students


Best-person-at-his-job Barry White Jr. of Ashley Park Elementary School in Charlotte, North Carolina, greets his students with special handshakes every day before they enter class.

Overwatch: A Fan-Made Skin Concept for Genji


Groundhog Daying With Chris and Jack


In celebration of Groundhog Day, YouTube’s comedic duo Chris Smith and Jack De Sena play out a surreal sketch in homage to the ’90s comedy film with the same name.

>TFW Too Intelligent


This green text copypasta on 4chan is often accompanied by absurd depictions of Wojack with an exceptionally large head and large, bulging veins.

Why Earth Is a Big Prison and How to Escape It


In this latest episode of the monthly science-educational web series In a Nutshell, Germany’s infographic storytellers Kurzgesagt explain the boundaries of physics that keep us “trapped” on Earth and how to get the hell off our planet.

Mad, Red, and Nude Online


In an internet argument so heated you have to take off your clothes? Then you might be Mad, Red, and Nude Online.

When Your Friend Takes His Glasses Off


Behold the Meme Singularity


Boston Dynamics’ “Nightmare Inducing” Robot


Check out this “nightmare inducing” footage of a Boston Dynamics wheeled robot performing various stunts and tricks.

Great Pineapple Pizza Debate Rages On


The Pineapple on Pizza Debate has raged ever since a Canadian put pineapple on pizza in 1962. This week, the debate hit social media again.

Yiannopoulos Event Canceled Due to Riots


Milo Yiannopoulos’ scheduled talk on cultural appropriation at UC Berkeley was canceled last night after protesters lit fires, smashed windows and assaulted attendees with wooden poles.

Zero Punctuation Reviews Hitman


Yahtzee takes a look at the highly anticipated entry in the series.

The Glorious Punch of Dick Spencer


Anti-white supremacists won’t give in, they won’t give in, till they’re victorious.

Do-Gooder Tries to Open Gate for Firefighters


As firefighters rushed to the site of a raging forest fire that broke out in the small town of Portezuelo in Chile over the weekend, this one good samaritan eagerly answered the call of civic duty… but perhaps too eagerly.

“Titus, Get the Cross”


This multi-pane image macro series often depicts pictures of men wearing Roman soldier costumes directing their subordinates to retrieve a “cross,” presumably for the purposes of crucifixion.

@TrumpDraws Takes Off on Twitter


A Novelty Twitter Account devoted to making GIFs of Donald Trump drawing on his executive orders gained over 167,000 followers in just one day.

#RollSafe: Wholesome Edition


Bad Lip Reading Takes On the NFL 2017


The BLR guys are at it again, just in time for the Super Bowl.

Sargon of Akkad Launches #FreeKekistan


After noting that “s**tposters” met the British government’s criteria for an ethnic group, YouTuber Sargon of Akkad announced he would register himself as “Kekistani” on the country’s census.

Honest Trailers Reviews Shrek


Screen Junkies takes on their most-requested film Shrek as part of the Honest Trailers fan appreciation month.

Club Penguin Shutting Down


The popular children’s MMO is closing its doors on March 29th.

When He Doesn’t Laugh At Your Memes


Conan Exiles Lets You Expand Dong


The character creation screen in the upcoming open-world survival game Conan Exiles contains an “endowment” slider allowing players to change their size of their avatar’s dong.

#RollSafe Gives the Worst Advice


A screenshot of Kayode Ewumi portraying the character Reece Simpson in the web series Hood Documentary has become the internet’s latest purveyor of bad advice.

Rabbit Gets Grumpy When Petting Stops


Look at this adorable rabbit growling and thumping for more attention!

At Last, The Iceberg Tips in Club Penguin


Since the launch of Club Penguin in 2005, it has been rumored that if you had enough people drilling the Iceberg, something would happen. Thousands have tried, but nothing ever happened, until this week.

Whomst Is the Next Grammar Meme


Whomst succeeds Yaint as grammar memes continue to have a strong showing in 2017 thus far.

You Have Been Visited By Taco Cat


JonTron Draws Outrage Following Livestream


After appearing on a livestream hosted by YouTuber Sargon of Akkad, JonTron drew accusations of being a “Nazi” for his criticisms of identity politics and “political correctness.”

“Ceci N’est Pas Une Pipe”


René Magritte’s classic painting “The Treachery of Images” has long been a target of parody in pop culture, and has been a popular reference for memes since the late 2000s.

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