“Is This a JoJo Reference?”


At this point, nearly everything has become a f**king JoJo reference.

Grush: The Gaming Toothbrush


Videogamedunkey takes a look at the product the world needs most: “the world’s first” gaming toothbrush.

“Cash Me Ousside,” Trap Remix


This mix by DJ Suede is way better than it has any right to be.

In Pursuit of Puppiness


Doomsday Clock Set Closer to Midnight


The Doomsday Clock symbol maintained by The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has been set to two-and-a-half minutes to midnight based on concerns over the Trump’s stances on climate change and nuclear proliferation.

Three Awesome Life Hacks For Toothbrush


After watching this life hack video, you’ll never look at a toothbrush the same again.

Childhood Enhanced: Pokémon Intro in 3D


YouTuber QuickDrawCreate brings us a 3D remastered edition of the opening title sequence from the original Pokémon animated TV series.

Countess Boochie Flagrante Terrorizes Tumblr


Tumblr users have been attributing their bad behavior to their alter-ego, Countess Boochie Flagrante

How Fans Read The Last Jedi Poster


Yandere Simulator Dev’s “Woah Technology”


This quote popularized by the developer of the upcoming stealth game Yandere Simulator is often used by YouTube commenters to convey a feeling of awe or excitement.

Winona Ryder’s SAG Reactions Explained


Twitter user Eric Thirteen finally provides the best explanation of what caused Winona Ryder’s bizarre facial expressions during last weekend’s SAG Awards.

Thanks, Internet


“This is what happens when you let kids use the Internet too much.”

How to Start a Conversation With a Girl


If you listen to the internet, you never start a conversation with a girl with “Hi.”

Marshawn Lynch Goes to Scotland


Marshawn Lynch, sponsored by Skittles, travels to Scotland to tell Houston, Scotland about the upcoming Super Bowl in Houston, Texas. He gets his mind blown.

Quebec Mosque Shooter Kills 6, Injures 19


Authorities have identified Quebec student Alexandre Bissonnette as the only suspect in a deadly mass shooting that occurred Sunday evening at the Islamic Cultural Center in Quebec City.

Villain Gets Self-Conscious About His Laughter


YouTuber ProZD does an impression of a villain who is self-conscious about how his minion has a better evil laugh than him.

Thomas Had Seen It All


Winnie the Pooh Dance Remixes Hit Twitter


An old video of Winnie the Pooh dancing to Gangam Style resurfaced on Sunday as Twitter users paired the footage with dozens of songs.

“Yaint” Comics Take Off On Tumblr


This slang contraction of the words “you are all not" was recently popularized in a series of comics and image macros on the microblogging site Tumblr.

Steve Quayle, Jim Bakker and King Og

It has been hard keeping up with links to the particular clip of born-again Christian Steve Quayle validating THE LOST BOOK OF KING OG on the Jim Bakker show. Youtubers take their copies of the video down, and Jim Bakker's website handles like it was assembled back during Web 1.0.

Here is is though, in all 22 seconds of its glory:

#KingOg #TheLostBookOfKingOg #SteveQuayle #JimBakker #DEMMON

Maple Syrup Snow Candy Recipe

On Wednesday we woke up to over a foot of snow.

We are glorying in all the beauty.

Roo has never seen this much snow before and loves sniffing, digging, and bounding across the yard. The snow is up to her neck, so her bounding looks more like bouncing (she's our Kanga-Roo), and it is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen.

I am also delighted to report that I enjoyed a major limbic system retraining victory after the snow fell:

I went cross country skiing!

We all did, actually.

It was much easier than walking anywhere.

A few months ago I got motion sickness just turning my head, rolling over in bed, or walking across the room, so it was wild to be gliding across the snow and feeling fine.

The second day we skied it was much icier.

Much, much icier.

So icy that I took a hard fall on my tailbone.

The fall seemed to have caused some whiplash, and since then my body has been in a bit of a tizzy that feels like a flare-up in my chronic symptoms. So, I've decided to cozy up with Anne of Green Gables and some maple syrup snow candy for the rest of the afternoon.

If you've ever read the Little House on the Prairie series, then you may remember that in Little House in the Big Woods Laura enjoys maple syrup snow candy at her grandmother's house. I first made this candy after reading the book as a kid and was so excited to make it today.

It's super easy (and delicious!), and I've posted the step-by-step recipe below for those of you with snow outside your window.


1/2 cup of pure maple syrup
2 TB butter (optional)
A pinch of sea or pink Himalayan salt


1. Put the ingredients in a sauce pan and bring to a boil over medium heat.

2. Boil for a few minutes until the mixture reaches the soft ball stage or 235 degrees Fahrenheit for those of you who have a candy thermometer.

I didn't have a thermometer, so after the mixture had boiled for a few minutes, I drizzled a bit of it into a glass of cold water. It formed a soft ball upon hitting the water, so I knew it was ready.

3. Once the mixture is ready, take it outside and pour it into a clean bed of snow. Be sure to wear your boots while you're cookin' so you can make a mad dash outside when the mixture is ready!

I recommend you use a rubber spatula to coax the mixture into the snow in bigger ribbons than the ones I made, since the thin ribbons can be hard to fish out of the snow. 

You could also pack snow into a pie pan and bring it inside for this step.

4. After you've finished pouring your candy, it is ready to eat!

And boy oh boy is it GOOD.

I hope you are all having a lovely Friday!

Cheering for you, Home Skillets,


© by scj

Happy News

It snowed again this weekend.

This is the snowiest winter this area has had in awhile, and we are loving it.

We love watching the snow fall from our cozy perches by the fire place, but we especially love going on walks in the snow.

My brother and his wife stopped by for a bowl of soup just as the snow started to fall, and they left my mom and me a note on their way out.

Roo likes it too! She gets cold, though, so my mom has devised a way to make one of her wool vests fit Roo. The fitting process involves lots of safety pins and is not unlike fitting a cloth diaper to a newborn baby.

The vest tags! 😂

My mom is nothing if not resourceful.

A related side note: Roo went through heat recently — apparently small dogs go into heat at a pretty young age — and my mom fashioned diapers for her out of old underwear. Watching Roo trot around the house in those "diapers" was one of the delights of my life.

Roo adores my resourceful mom.

They are BFFs.

Oh Roo-berry, you are the apple of our eyes, the sauce on our spaghetti, the peanut to our butter. We love you, as is evidenced by our suffocating snuggles and excessive doting, and we are wondering how you will do when Baby Jackson is born...

Yep, that's right: My brother, Aaron, and his wife, Natasha, are having a BABY, due in June, 2017!!!!!!

This week, Baby J is the size of a white onion. We are fresh out of white onions, so we found a yellow onion that looked like a white onion, and we marveled at how fast Baby J is growing.

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, then you know my brother met his wife on their college track team. He was a dual sport athlete at their university — he played soccer and was a sprinter on the track team — and she was a world-class heptathlete. After graduating from college, Natasha went on to compete on the world stage, and she trained for years at the Olympic training Center in Calgary, Canada. Her goal was to compete in the 2016 summer Olympics for Canada. Unfortunately, her years of training were riddled with frustrating, incapacitating injuries that interfered with her Olympic dreams, and it was with peace and hope for a new season of life that she retired from track and field last year.

We are all excited about what this next season holds for her and Aaron.

She and my brother announced their pregnancy on Facebook with this sweet video, accompanied by the caption: "Aaron and I collaborated on a design project together. It's not your average Nike ad..."

(This video format may not be compatible with your mobile device).

You guys, I think I am going to adore auntie life. And my parents. Well, they are over the moon about being grandparents.

They've already started buying baby clothes, starting with this onesie:

Photo taken from Pinterest

Baby Jackson, you are the perfect addition to our clan and we love you already.

Hopeful, grace-filled Monday, my friends.

I'm cheering for ya!


© by scj




King Og of Bashan Online Resources.
Wikipedia is a great place to start for reliable links concerning King Og of Bashan.
( en.wikipedia.org ). This page contains the simplest yet most concise explanation of King Og of Bashan.                                      
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Og
How tall Was King Og Of Bashan?
A musing and working towards the actual height of King Og of Bashan by  ( jwdoctrine.com )
Bible Hub ( biblehub.com) breaks down multiple biblical translations of Deuteronomy 3:11 in regards to King Og of Bashan.
Another page featuring Deuteronomy 3:11 which reflects upon King Og of Bashan from ( kingjamesbibleonline.org ).
Another page with just the biblical text concerning King Og of Bashan by   ( bible.com ).
Deuteronomy Chapter 3: Og the King of Bashan the Giant, Possessing the Land, Moses Cannot Enter the Land.
A serious wrestling with the concept of King Og of Bashan before and after the flood by 
Numbers 21 On the Way to Canaan
A solid bible study on Israel’s wending road to King Og of Bashan by
Sihon and Og King of Amorites
A quick bible study on King Og of Bashan by ( delrifkah.homestead.com ).
Another presentation of scripture regarding King Og of Bashan from the    ( blueletterbible.org ).
King Og from the Jewish Encyclopedia ( jewishencyclopedia.com )
Basic answer to “Who was King Og of Bahsan?” at ( gotquestions.org ).
A jewish telling of the story of King Og of Bashan from ( aish.com ).
An extensive breakdown of King Og of Bashan or Ogias the Giant by
Og, The King Of Bashan
One of the sparsest pages of King Og of Bashan on the Internet, by
The Giants Og, Sihon and Goliath of Gath are gone Forever
An interesting blog from ( preacherbrotherbob.blogspot.com )
The Giant King Og Speaks! 
A reference to this very LOST BOOK OF KING OG website by
(timetobelieve.com ). Their version of Chapter 7 is an older translation.
Another site linking to the original LOST BOOK OF KING OG text by
Yet another site linking to the LOST BOOK OF KING OG text by
Gilgal, Rephaim, Circle of Og King of Bashan
Interesting read tying modern findings to King Og of Bashan by an author on the subject.
King Og, His Genealogy
Another interesting quick read by the above author on the subject.
A Story of a Giant Story The Winding Way of Og King of Bashan in the Jewish Haggadic Tradition
A gateway page to a well-documented explanation of King Og of Bashan by the ( jstor.org )

The Defeat of King Og of Bashan                                                                     The Biblical text of the showdown against King Og of Bashan from             
( biblegateway.com ).                                         
A well documented breakdown of biblical and historical texts regarding King Og of Bashan. It is simply entitled, “Og” from the                            
Bible Study Tools ( biblestudytools.com ) presents an “Og Definition and meaning” page.
Stories of the Nephilim and Rephaim King Og. The Patriarchs. Gilgal Rephaim. From 
Arguments on whether King Og survived the flood or not.
 Og, King of Bashan by ( sounddoctrineministries.wordpress.com ).
A surprisingly light explanation of King Og of Bashan from the Institute of Creation Research 
( icr.org ).
The Giant of the Flood.
The tale of how King Og survived the flood as told by ( sacred-texts.com ).
The Bed of Og
A focusing on the size of the bed of King og of Bashan (.pdf)
King Og’s Iron Bed
A very short explanation of the bed of King Og of Bashan from
Og’s King Sized Bed
An extensive piece on the size of King Og’s bed from
King Og’s Iron Bed
An article that can be downloaded fully in its PDF from
Largest Bed in World history
According to this site ( nairland.com ) the bed can still be viewed
King Og’s Iron Bed – Geologic Insights
A short read zeroing in on the size of Og’s bed from
King Og’s Giant bed Fact or Fancy?
Another limited look at the size of King Og’s bed.
Midrash on Noah and Og
A Jewish telling of how Og survived the flood from ( jewishrecon.org ).
Middle East Giants
An explanation of the overthrowing of King Og of Bashan.
The Israelites Defeat King Sihon and King Og
A very limited page speaking on the defeat of King Og.
The Slaying of Sihon King of the Amorites and King Og of Bashan
From Watchman Nee and Witness Lee ( ministrysamples.org ).
The Giant Og
A biblical/ torah based explanation of King Og of Bashan.
On the Strange Myth of King Og, the Last Giant
Myth-buster Jason Calovito speaks on King Og of Bashan.
King Og, King Sihon and Biblical Synecdoches
A rather light explanation of how certain battles overshadow others from   ( guardthedeposit.com ).
Remember Sihon and Og
A short explanation of these battles from ( apologeticsindex.org ).
Bible Verses about King Og of Bashan (and some commentary)
Light review of King Og of Bashan from a biblical perspective by
The Lost Book Of King Og
A direct lift from this website, with an older version of Chapter 7 of The Lost Book of King Og from ( fallenangels.ning.com )
The Lost Book of the Giant King Og Found!
A very light, link-based posting referencing this website and The Lost book of King Og from ( jcourt.net ).
Biblical Information of Giants (8,850 BC to 1,300 BC)
Extensive research on giants where King Og of Bashan is mentioned by
How Moses Conquered Sihon and King Og
A very limited breakdown of the battle against Sihon and King Og of Bashan by ( interhack.net ).
This Time . . . I Blog on Og
An informative blog on King Og of Bashan by ( johnathanlipnick.com ).
Valley of the Giants
A questionable, yet interesting take on the giants, including King Og of Bashan by ( theforbiddenknowledge.com ).
The Giants
A very quick read featuring King Og of Bashan from (talc.site88.net ).
The Lost World of Giants
A strong piece of reference material by ( beforeus.com ).
Giant Humans in the Historical Records
A solid amassing of a lot of information on giants by
Biblical Archeology and Finds of the Past
An interesting link hub with valid and invalid points of interest from
Post Flood Giants
A mixture of biblical and non-biblical mythology, tying genetics to the book of Revelation by (answersintheendtimes.com ).
Who Are the Nephilim?
A very cursory explanation of giants such as King Og of Bashan by
The Fierce Amorites and the First king of the Babylonian Empire.
An interesting read that brushes up on ancient antiquity from
Steve Quayle Endorses the Lost Book Of King Og
Blogger Demmon shows how Christian Nephilim Theorist endorses THE LOST BOOK OF KING OG. Steve Quayle speaks on the Lost book of King Og in Jim Bakker’s webshow. The Jim Bakker story is here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Bakker
The link to Steve Quayle speaking on Jim Bakker’s webshow is below:
Tom Horn Steve Quayle Biblical Giants
Scroll the bar at the top of the screen across to 1 hour and 22 minutes. From this point on, you will hear born-again Christian
Steve Quayle speaking on THE LOST BOOK OF KING OG.

This list is still under construction.



I never used to think about hope much, but now I know: hope is jasmine winding its way through your insides, climbing into your most intimate parts, filling the empty spaces with the fragrance of spring.

When you are sick for years and years, your hope of health shrivels and droops until it is nothing more than a few black, spindly stems. When this happens, it is easiest to let hope die, but you mustn't.

You must coax your hope back to life with the water and air of imagination. You must imagine you are climbing Half Dome, or learning to surf, or hosting a tea party, or running in the rain, and you must imagine you are doing it all with ease. Do this daily, and with time you will notice your hope has sprouted the tiniest waxy, green leaves. One day, it will bear fragrant blossoms again.

For months I've been working to cultivate hope by imagining myself exploring Portland with my siblings, a cup of tea in hand and the neurological firestorm at bay. And you guys, today I did it, just exactly the way I imagined.

It was wondrous.

© by scj
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