I am working with the texts that Father Martin has already given me. He told me that I could continue using them and he hasn't taken them back, so I am going in before he says to stop.

I will publish them as I copy them over from his ridiculous scrawl. We have not had any communication for a few weeks now. I simply feel that the value of this tome is too great to ignore.

That being said, I don't know if he will give me a "cease and desist" order or not. It has been with heaviness that I have decided to continue publishing this text and keep the LOST BOOK OF KING OG online.

I am going to populate this blog with the text though. This stuff is too good to just have in one spot on the Internet. It sets up the Hundred Thousand Giant War which is probably the greatest war story never told. I hope to have it all up and running here in the next several months.

Understand that what I am publishing will explain to scholars everywhere the demise of the Rephaim. In all honesty, when I learned of it, I was dumbstruck for several minutes. The way that the Rephaim self-destructed is something that Og doesn't address directly, but is referred to throughout the small amount of his text that I have read. 


Dated in or around 1400 BCE.

Chapter 1. – King Og Lets His Hatred of Nimrod be Known

¹ These are the last and only words spoken by Og the Rephaim as told to Anak, the Keeper of the Bodies before Baal. ²Baal, who keeps our gardens fertile. ³Baal who guided Og’s complete-loined wrath from when the old world [monsters] stood until after the time of the great waters. Baal who will reverse the Unspoken Mistake.

⁴The [loose-boweled] false priests, led [mighty] Og,  Nimrod and all the Rephaim to The Unspoken Mistake. That [embarassing?] which cannot be named or fixed until Baal intervenes.  ⁵The [stupid] Unspoken Mistake stains us all to the inner-loins. The Mistake the [false] [loose-boweled] Rephaim priests of Baal led us to [perverts] us all.

⁶ I, Og and the [true] Rephaim priests of Baal tore out the jelly of their eyes and pulled the [stupid] skulls off of those false Rephaim priests of [complete loin]. We spilled their [worm-filled] stomachs and [yellowing] wet intestinal droppings out on the fields. With bare hands we twisted and tore them free. ⁷ Nimrod [also] participated, sacrificing his  false Nephilim priests of incomplete loin and  piling their [plucked circumcised] [sexual organs] atop each other and [sparked] the [useless meat] with . . .fire, which is a disgrace to them.

⁸ The [blackened blood] of both complete and incomplete[ly] loin[ed] deceivers ran thick over the grass. We cut the bodies into pieces and laid it upon the wood and poured four barrels of oil upon the flesh. The fire of Baal fell and [consumed the sacrifice of false priests]. The dark smoke of cursed Rephaim flesh [smoldered] sacrifice burned for [. . .] Baal [and his promise of] fertility.

⁹ We [encouraged] the [vermin-like] smaller selves of both kingdoms, both complete and incomplete loined [present at the] sacrifice to feast upon the corrupted [. . . ]flesh of Rephaim bodies. An [unnatural curse] now [rests] upon my [skull] and spirit until the end of [stars].¹⁰ [We both] encouraged this new [abomination] Nimrod and I, Og in our [quest for the unnatural].

¹¹ During the time of the sacrifice of  the [loose-boweled. . .fecal] priests, I, Og [governed] my half of the great land and Nimrod his.  I, Og continually [marveled] over the [tranquil?] peace between our [war tribes]. Nimrod’s Nephilim kingdom [enforced] [circumcision]while Og’s did not.

¹² In that season, The kingdom of Og formed a [Pact of Brotherhood] with [all remaining] Rephaim [tribes]. . .[lands]. This [pact introduced] the [vermin-like] smaller selves to [. . .] Baal [. . .][worship].  ¹³In the [Pact] I called [the Mighty Hunter] Nimrod, “blood of my own lineage.” Now, with the death of all [the remaining] Rephaim upon Nimrod’s [dry feces. . .] hands, I no longer honor the [cowardly] half-loined Nephilim Hunter Nimrod.

¹⁴ Only a half-loined Nephilim coward murders a child. [For this offense and more] I  [regularly] urinated upon his dead [bones. . .corpse] [Until the meat and offal peeled away]. Till the end of my days, I will take the daily [fecal] journey to [choke] his Nephilim corpse.

¹⁵ Of all of the [war-like] hatred [of which volcanoes are formed], I hold the most for the disrespected [skeletal] remains of the Nephilim Hunter, Nimrod who led his kingdom in the [loin-weakening][member-carving] practice of [circumcision].

¹⁶ I will tell. . . [tales] . . .of how the Nephilim  [vomit-soaked] Nimrod offended [all of] the Rephaim. How [in his stupidity]. . .[half-loined] Nimrod defied Baal. Thus causing Baal to guide my [unforgiving hands of war] to his death. [This story I will tell].

¹⁷ After I, Og have finished my last meal and [pushed my crumbed plate forward], The [half-loined] Nephilim Hunter, Nimrod’s name will forever mean [stupid]. ¹⁸Nimrod’s name shall [mean the] [Nephilim fecalness?]. . . of mind and the [mangled] of loin. He alone [carries] all of the [disgrace of the Rephaim.]

¹⁹ Nimrod [is the dung swollen] Nephilim who killed us all.

²⁰ Oh that I could shatter his teeth in Nimrod’s mouth again, and break the teeth of his half-loined Nephilim sons Hunor and Magor as well.

²¹ First, before I can tell the story, it should [be told] how [shrewd] Nimrod the Hunter was. What a [good steward] of his land he was! ²² How much so, I, Og [envied] Nimrod as a warrior. How much so, I, Og [envied] Nimrod as a ruler. How much so, I, Og [envied] Nimrod as he forced the smaller selves build the Throneroom of Balal. I, Og did not [envy] the [circumcision]or any of the lessening of the member that Nimrod chose for his Nephilim kingdom.

²³ Nimrod’s land used the smaller selves for food. He [traded] them to the kingdom of Og for labor in secret. Nimrod also forced the male Nephilim  and the male smaller selves of his kingdom to carve their loins with the knife of [circumcision]. ²⁴ [Consumption] of smaller selves in secret is the true [mystery] that Nimrod knew in [Nephilim-ese/esq?] governance.  Nimrod, the [dung-smeared] of mind and loin raised the smaller selves as secret [. . .food meat]. Nimrod the Nephilim with an incomplete member who [deceived] . . . and [concealed] his consumption of the [adult male] smaller selves.

²⁵ At the end of the great battles with the unspeakable [large, scaled] beasts of old, food in the Kingdom of Og was scarce. The Rephaim brothers of [animal husbandry], the great beast [farmers] and [tamers] Gog and Magog had both turned their grey [eyes] to the [magnificent] Leviathan and other beasts of the sea for meat. [. . .] beasts of old. We fed upon [the forgotten  gods of a lesser time].

²⁶During that [sparse of food] time, I, Og found a [large colony of smaller selves] in my kingdom . A colony of smaller selves [riddled] with [Rephaim] [evils such as] murder and rape as they enslaved and harmed each other.

²⁷ The [powerful] kingdom of Og was not [deceptive] or crafty with the smaller selves as Nimrod [was]. Smaller self [adult males] were struck down and eaten in the open. We chose not to hide our hunger from the smaller selves. I did not require the [loin carving] circumcision that Nimrod required in his land.

²⁸ The Rephaim Priests of Baal [. . . decreed]  . . . all lands were not to feast upon the smaller self females. . . smaller self females [became pure] priestesses [wives] and [concubines] of Baal. [Not to be known by any member].

²⁹ [We taught] the smaller selves not to kill or [pain?] or rape. [We taught] the [pro-creative?] [value] of the smaller self [females]. [Nimrod and Og] both [taught] the smaller selves. . .Baal’s [truths] during all times of peace and war. ³⁰ The Rephaim Priests of Baal decreed the sacrifice of the [tiny worthless] smaller self children to [undo] the Unspoken Mistake.  ³¹Nimrod’s Nephilim kingdom and that Rephaim land of Og sacrificed [all. . .] smaller self  [children] with [effectual] [fervent] ritual, being of one mind and spirit bleeding for Baal to [undo] the Unspoken Mistake.

³² The Rephaim [must consider] now [. . .themselves]. The Rephaim [must consider] a return to the excreta [of beginning]. Every day brings the [extinction] of the Rephaim [species] closer. ³³ Consider Baal when you have [given birth to] a child at 500 years. Consider Baal [again] as each [new star] passes. It is Baal [. . .] our land [fertile]. It is Baal [. . .] again produce Rephaim offspring. [It is Baal that we cry out to and ask for extension].

³⁴ The smaller selves will birth the [next] Rephaim. Baal has spoken through the priestess.³⁵ In the [800-1000] years since the death of Banba, . . . [our bracelets] for Baal. Smaller self infants [are scorched] and scream to Baal . . .[nightly].

Og Speaks of Supplication to Baal

³⁶ Baal has. . . land with greenery and [healthy vegetation] fruits and nuts. Baal [also saw] to Og’s [. . .] success in the Hundred Thousand Giant War. ³⁷ Baal . . .[mountains to climb] when the waters covered the earth. Baal [guided my hands] as I drew Nimrod’s [yellowing] entrails from his [quaking]. . .[misshapen-loined] Nephilim body.

³⁸ Scream to Baal, all Rephaim! Rejoice and scream. Scream and beg for the undoing of the Unspoken Mistake! ³⁹ Declare Baal’s power [aspects]. . . Again I say scream and rejoice! Be it war or contention. [It is] that Baal that keeps our fields fertile, who keeps the peoples of the land. . .

⁴⁰[Remind] Baal of fertility in your. . . Remind Baal of the extension. Ascribe to Baal all of you Rephaim, ascribe to Baal the land’s fertility and your [physical] strength.

⁴¹ . . . smaller self [child] offerings and come before Baal. Scream and bleed in the. . .[the fertility] awarded [to us] for our worship. The fertility that will prolong the Rephaim.

⁴² Tremble before the all-powerful Baal. Before his established land of fertility that cannot be moved. Before his altar, we. .  and bleed on the [. . .] We await the extension, as we scream “Come Lord Baal.” in unison, with [our . . . wounds . . .].

⁴³. . . extension. Baal will extend the. . . Rephaim in his time. [Not by our will, but by Baal’s will] can the extension take place.

⁴⁴ We await. . . Baal. . . we will not falter, even if [he does not deliver].

⁴⁵The smaller self prophetess has prophesied the following that applies to the land:
“I am Baal your God who delivered you from Nimrod in the     
Hundred Thousand Giant War.

I am Baal who will provide     
the extension to the Rephaim.
Because of this, you will     
bleed yourself before no other gods.

I do not honor the circumcision
It is good for the Rephaim not to know the smaller selves.
You will not cut your members
for any of the other insect-sized gods that demand it

May the destruction of my enemies buried
in . . their punishment until the end of time.

Worship me and I Baal will extend your [. . .] of power
and give you [. . .].
Consider this:
A time is coming when you will all worship Baal Hammon

He is coming in storm. Every eye will see him
Even those that practice circumcision

Let the enemies tremble and
let the earth shake. The great Baal of the Rephaim
stands above the insect-sized gods.

Filth is the land of his heritage.

All will ascribe penance and worship
Blood sacrifice is. . .
fertility I will empower. . .

Do not tire. Baal’s power. . .
as you see the [lush country]. As your crops. . .
As Kaour the able and Farshen the palsied served as temple stewards,
Speaking through the smoke from the [darkened] sacrificial fire,
The worship must frenzy and gash with knives and lances.

Baal your. . . delivers the promised extension of Rephaim [lineage].
Proclaim the power of Baal on the fertile mountain.
Continue. . .I will extend you.”

⁶The story of the loss of my [Rephaim queen] Lestha and my [infant daughter] Banba and the Hundred Thousand Giant War are they not told in chapters 2 and 3 of the Book of Og?

I will continue to re-blog/update as they are made available.