So my writing partner and general ne'er do well Magpie visionary showed up with these last night. These THE GONTEEKWA LIVES cards are in perfect condition and NOT FOR SALE.

There is more to come.

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Don't forget that the story is so dope that Chaos/Apocalypse Theory Christians have run with what I have online concerning that Rephaim KING OG OF BASHAN.

Steve Quayle and King Og Of Bashan

Realtalk: A publishing deal that i was hoping for fell through. But who hasn't received a rejection letter or 20? I know what i have written. I know that the world of horror fiction hasn't taken this particular tact. I also know that I hav e written something that would CREEP ME OUT. This isn't about breasts, profanity and splatter (though there is some splatter). This is a tale of being powerless in the face of a new evil. This is about the loss of faith. This is about a force that I seeped in Biblical lore to give teeth too. Oh, and a whole bunch of other things.

More to come.